Sorry, NO International Orders

"The Certain" Standard Edition
Jamungo Toys asked me to do up a version of their "Sqwert" toy : limited edition of 500 : Approximately 4"x5"x3" : 25 Bones

"The Certain" Gold Edition
Just like above but, metallic GOLD on black... and more rare : super-limited edition of 250 : Approximately 4"x5"x3" : 25 Bones
I might be putting a few more up for sale in the near future.

Baroness Gig Poster - Standard : 3 color silkscreen
Signed/Numbered edition of 76 : Approximately 16"x24" : 25 Bones

Baroness Gig Poster - Metallic : 3 color metallic ink silkscreen
Signed/Numbered edition of 34 : Approximately 16"x24" : 35 Bones

Baroness Gig Poster - Watercolored Black/White : Hand-colored 1 color silkscreen
Signed/Numbered edition of 22 (only 11 watercolored) : Approximately 16"x24" : 250 Bones
NOTE: Watercoloring is done per order. If you have a color preference please let me know, otherwise i'll rock it out my way.